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Posted 1/14/2014 5:58pm by Andy Holliday .

Growing up in the Holliday household, we always had fresh vegetables. You can truly taste the difference in something that is home-grown versus store bought. Because of this, we are constantly looking for new ways for the public to get fresh, local produce. We also look to add new items to grow on the farm every year. Last year we added in kohlrabi.   This year is no different - we're on the ball trying to spread the news about our AWESOME CSA program, so we can help get more fresh, local produce in the homes across the Upstate of SC.  Our new additions for this year are brussel sprouts and carrots.   

We are not only adding those items, but we just launched our website for the first time! We are very excited about our CSA members being able to do everything online. We know how easy it is to shop online, so this is something we thought that folks would appreciate.  We are hoping that you find this website to be very informational throughout the season, and we are going to continue to update it with pictures, articles, and recipes.  

Our CSA program is basically the same as last year, except we are offering a new option. Who doesn't love homemade strawberry jam? So we thought we'd give the option to have Mama Holliday's canned goods offered in the bags.  We hope that y'all find this a great add on item. Almost everything we use in our products are grown on our own farm, so it never leaves to be processed. Two years ago, we added a Department of Agriculture approved kitchen (which you can tour on our CSA farm tour), where we do all of the canning.

Check back in weekly for updates on what's going on at Holliday's Veggie Patch! Looking forward to another great year!

Thanks y'all!