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Wintertime Activites

Posted 1/26/2014 7:48pm by Andy Holliday .

A few of our customers at the market asked what we do during the winter, and I would love to say we relax on a warm and sunny beach during the winter, especially as cold as January has been.  Unfortunately that is not what we get to do during the winter.   We sell collard greens up to New Year's and then we waste a couple of weeks and start plowing the ground to get ready for spring.

We have already ordered 12,000 onion tranplants which will arrive to be planted in the middle of February and then we will plant the red potatoes around that time. We will also plant English peas in the spring, because they do not like the hot summer at the first of June.  Then we will start to plant broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and cabbage in March.   Stay tuned as I will go into further detail about those plants in a later entry.    Stay warm, everyone! Let's hope spring comes soon!